Wig Creations by Coni

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"I've been going to Coni for at least fifteen years.  She does a beautiful job styling my wig, and she's very accommodating - she will help in any way she can.  I've sent several customers to her.  They've been happy with her work and with her personally.  Coni is very reliable and is a good business-person all the way around.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help finding just the right hairpiece."  Esther T. of La Mesa


"I met Coni at least thirty years ago.  She's so good at what she does.  She just has a knack for it.  And she's so compassionate.  I was losing my hair and felt so bad about the way I looked.  It was so comforting the way she'd say, 'Let's try this; let's try that,' and she'd keep going until she found exactly what I wanted.  No matter what the problem is, she takes you under her wing and works with you until the problem is solved.  She goes out of her way to please you; she goes the extra mile.  She's so caring about everybody she deals with."  Genny D. of La Mesa


"I've been a customer for more than twenty-five years, and I've never had a problem Coni couldn't solve.  She takes very good care of me.  I'm almost eighty years old and can no longer drive on the freeway.  A friend used to take my wig to Coni's shop for me and pick it up when it was ready.  One day Coni offered to bring it to me.  I couldn't believe that she would do that for me, but that's what she's been doing for several years now.  Coni is a very special person.  I would recommend her to anyone."  Ruth C. of Chula Vista


"I've been Coni's customer for over thirty years.  She's wonderful!  Not only is she a wonderful human being, she'll do everything she can to find just the right hairpiece for me.  She goes above and beyond what most retailers will do.  I have very thin hair and wear a full wig.  I have bought several wigs from Coni, and she's the only one I will let style them.  Her wigs are of the highest quality, and there's nobody better at styling them.  I have only wonderful things to say about her."  Carol W. of San Diego


"I have been a customer for ten years.  I love the way Coni takes care of her customers.  She's very thorough and very honest.  She isn't pushy, and she won't try to sell you something that doesn't look good on you or won't make you happy.  She doesn't rush you or push you, and she won't try to get you to spend more than you can afford.  She won't say you look nice in a wig that isn't becoming to you just to get you to buy it.  She will spend time with you and will work with you until you find the wig that is perfect for you.  She's especially good with older people.  It's important to her that they feel good about the way they look.  Her wigs are of the highest quality, and she's so talented with those magic fingers of hers!  Some time ago, I recommended Coni to one of my coworkers who had breast cancer.  Coni fitted her with a wig that was so attractive on her.  It was very natural and looked a lot like her own hair.  She didn't have to use the wig for long, but she has kept it and wears it every now and then just because it looks so good on her.  Coni is a very special person, and she helps you feel special, too."  Mary Ann S. of San Diego


"A coworker told me about Coni right after I discovered that I had cancer.  I had made a comment about how beautiful her hair looked and was surprised when she told me that she was wearing a wig.  I first visited Coni's shop twenty years ago.  During the time I was undergoing treatment, Coni often came to visit me and would call if she couldn't come by.  She was very supportive.  She's not only a good friend, she's a fantastic stylist.  I had a lot of people help me with my hairpieces before I met Coni, and I have never found anybody who can do them like Coni can.  She's fabulous!"  Alice G. of San Diego


"I've been going to Coni for well over thirty years.  I take my wig to her every month so she can fix it up for me.  It looks so natural that most people don't even know that I'm wearing a wig.  Coni is a wonderful, caring person.  She's especially concerned for people who have lost their hair, and she takes a lot of time finding the perfect hairpiece for them."  A Satisfied Customer of Lemon Grove


"I have been doing business with Coni for about fifteen years now.  I have purchased several wigs from her, and she's the only one I will let style them.  She's a fantastic stylist!  I can play around with one of my wigs, styling it myself, trying to get it to look the way I want, to no avail.  So, I take it to her, and, in a matter of minutes, it's perfect!  I recently relocated and am now living forty miles from Coni's shop, but I continue to take my wigs to her.  Why do I continue doing business with Coni, even though I have to travel so many miles to get to her?  I can sum it up in two words: Coni cares!"  Lora C. of San Marcos