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Wig Creations by Coni

Welcome to Coni's shop!

 As you step over the threshold of Suite 104, you will see a wide variety of wigs and other alternative hair pieces of various colors, lengths and styles.

You will also see a display of scarves, along with literature illustrating how to accessorize with them. Turbans are also on display.

Coni's shop consists of the display room, a private fitting room, her office, a workroom and a rest room. Each area is tastefully decorated with touches of the Victorian era.

You are cordially invited to come in and browse. Coni would be happy to meet you and help you find the hairpiece that is perfect for you. If necessary, she will custom-fit you, which means she may take a wig apart to make a hairpiece, or she may cut one in two and make some alterations so it will be comfortable and just the right size for you.