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Wig Creations by Coni

Dear Viewer,

Many of my customers got tired of dealing with daily and weekly hair care and wanted to simplify their lives. If you're at that place in your life, tired of hassling with your hair and wanting to be done with tinting, perming and weekly styling sessions, I invite you to stop by my shop. I have wigs that look so natural you will be the only one who knows you're wearing one. It would be my pleasure to help you find the one that is perfect for you.

If you are experiencing hair loss due to aging or medications/treatments, I know your distress. God's Word, The Holy Bible, refers to a woman's hair as her glory. The definition of glory is splendor and radiance, so, of course, we're going to be upset when we lose it. And, sadly, as we lose our hair, we lose our confidence, as well, because we believe we are not as attractive as we once were.

The Lord has given me a gift - I can style wigs beautifully - and it is my joy to use that gift to help others. I would very much like to help you.

I invite you to call, make an appointment and come to my shop. When you are here, if you are in the mood to just look around, I will leave you alone and let you browse to your heart's content. If you're interested in purchasing a wig, I will help you find the wig that is the color and the length that is most becoming to you and will style it to enhance the features that God has given you.

I'd like for you to walk out of my shop with a spring in your step, your head held high and a smile on your face, because you know that your hair looks terrific!

I do hope I have the pleasure of meeting you in the very near future.


Coni B.